Building tools hanging on a workshop wall. Photo by Barn Images on Unsplash

What would be shared?

Along with a cluster of private dwellings with their own small private outdoor areas, you'll have access to shared facilities in a cohousing community. Explore how cohousing could work for you.

The common house

A common house is generally centrally located and reasonably large (300m2) and might include a laundry and guest accommodation (so you wouldn't need space for these in your home).

The common house will have a large kitchen and dining room, for regular community shared meals (optional). It may also include flexible spaces for meetings, music, hobbies, teenager and children's activities, etc.

The shared outdoors

There could be additional buildings for shared workshop space and secure storage (e.g. for bikes).

The shared grounds would include vegetable gardens, fruit trees and play areas. And that climbing wall, swimming pool or tennis court you really don’t have room for? Well maybe.

All car parking will be on the periphery of the site, to allow peace, quiet and safety in the centre, and to encourage interaction.

It's not a commune! Joe Atkinson from LILAC in the UK explains (in under 2 minutes).