Constellation map of old. Image by DarkWorkX from Pixabay

What do we value?

To promote our wellbeing by living in an intentionally harmonious and diverse community that actively nurtures the local environment. We share this fundamental goal in our vision of how to live well. This goal orients and motivates our other goals and actions related to housing.

Our community values

Our cohousing values are the things about housing that are important to us and give us reasons to live in a cohousing community. We acknowledge that these values can be better achieved by an intentional community than by family groups living in traditional housing. These are:

  • Social connection
  • Diversity
  • Environmental stewardship

Our housing values

Our housing values are things about housing that are important to us and that we aspire to in our cohousing community. However, our housing values are not reasons to live in a cohousing community because we could easily secure them in traditional housing. These are:

  • Financial prudence
  • Safety
  • Privacy (and independence)

Our values pledge

Our values pledge makes it clear that creating a successful intentional community based on shared values requires certain kinds of deliberate actions from all members of the community. It also provides more clarity on what the values mean in context of our cohousing community.

We pledge to…

  • Promote social connection by being kind, helpful, and welcoming.
  • Promote diversity by looking for the good in every person and valuing difference.
  • Have a positive contribution to the environment by consciously limiting my avoidable negative impacts and taking positive actions to protect and nurture our immediate environment.
  • Understand that money for housing is a scarce resource that should be used economically to further our values.
  • Be vigilant and proactive in keeping all members of the community safe.
  • Respect that each member of the community is an independent person with aspects of their lives that are for them to control, including whether those aspects are private or not.

Sound like you?

This is the framework of our group's Values Statement. If it resonates with you and you're interested in knowing more or becoming a member of the group we'd be happy to introduce you to the full statement.