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News and events

Are we nearly there yet Dad? Keep in touch with our progress and keep an eye on our upcoming events and meetings. 

Inspired to build better

November 2019

We were very lucky to have Ian Mayes speak to the group on Building Better. Ian has extensive experience in the building construction and design industry and recently held the role of Eco Design Advisor at Hamilton City Council. 

The focus of his talk was our responsibility as potential builders. How we could lessen the impact of construction on the environment and how we could build warm and dry homes that sustained future generations.

The concepts were (relatively) simple and really inspiring. Thanks Ian!

Ian Mayes presents to cohousing group

Ian Mayes presenting to our cohousing group in Cambridge.

It's a WRAP in Raglan

November 2019

We were privileged to be included in a panel discussion on community co-creation organised by Whaingaroa Raglan Affordable Housing Project (WRAP). The programme was excellent and featured five panels of local voices and experts in alternative, affordable housing ideas and solutions.

One of the participants shared a great quote from Danish architect Jan Gehl, “First life, then spaces, then buildings. The other way around never works.” This really resonates with our cohousing journey. There was also a lot of awareness of the benefits of cohousing in the discussion threads. It will be interesting to follow the conversations developing out of WRAP.

We’re at the Architecture Festival

September 2019

They say that it takes a village to raise a child – two children in Brad White’s case. In this increasingly disconnected world, Brad is passionate about creating an intentional connected community in Cambridge.

Brad discussed cohousing communities at the Pecha Kucha Festival of Architecture in Hamilton on Friday, 27 September.

It’s essential that cohousing communities are built from a strong social foundation, even before physical building foundations are laid. The Cambridge Cohousing group are building those foundations through processes of collaborative decision making, shared values, kindness, empathy and compassion.

Brad White speaking at the Pecha Kucha Festival of Architecture. Photo by Crimson Flair.

Brad White presenting at the Festival of Architecture in Hamilton.

Together we are one

September 2019

We've reached our first milestone. It’s official, we are now members of our own incorporated society.

This enables us, as a group of individuals, to operate as a single legal entity. It is a common structure used by community groups and sports clubs. 

Among other things, an incorporated society can buy property and sign contracts in its own name.

It sounds dull, but it means we now have a viable way of initiating the project and engaging with partners in planning the next stages. Bring it on!

Thanks for visiting

September 2019

We held an information session for friends and family to introduce the idea of cohousing and what we're proposing for Cambridge. 

Thanks to all that came for your enthusiasm and questions.