Succulents. Image by Manseok Kim from Pixabay

Interested in joining us?

It is important to us that you appreciate the opportunities this project offers and the values of our community before becoming a member of the group. We welcome new members and have an induction process in place to orient and inform.

What would I be joining?

Our group has created an incorporated society to progress the project. This enables us, as a group of individuals, to operate as a single legal entity.

An incorporated society is a common structure used by community groups and sports clubs. Among other things, a society can buy property and sign contracts in its own name.

What would I be committing to?

As a member of the our society you will:

  • Have the intention to purchase and/or reside in a home within the completed project.
  • Be willing to participate in the tasks toward bringing about the project’s vision.
  • Honour and adhere to the Society’s Communication Agreements, Vision Statement and consensus decision-making process.

How do I make this happen?

You'll become a member by:

  1. Attending an orientation meeting or completing an induction process with a current member
  2. Attending two group meetings as an observer
  3. Being formally introduced at a meeting as a member
  4. Paying a membership fee
  5. Signing our Membership Agreement

In order to understand the history of cohousing and to better appreciate the expectations of the group, you will have read about and agree with the principles of cohousing in the context of our project. Check out our Resources page – further guidance will be given during the induction.

Is there a cost?

Membership fees are set at $200 for an individual and $300 for a household annually. The fee is paid in quarterly instalments. Membership fees are intended for use for the day to day running of the Society.

As the project progresses further classes of membership are anticipated. This is likely to include a commitment of up to $2000 toward engaging partners or service providers.

How do I get started?

If you’re interested in becoming part of our cohousing community, send us a message: