Lets love our community graffiti in an underpass tunnel. Photo by Mike Erskine on Unsplash

Frequently asked questions

Where is the community?

We are most likely to be located in residential Cambridge, in Waikato, New Zealand. Cambridge is a thriving township, and an easy commute to the provincial capital Hamilton.

What about privacy?

This is very important to our community. Design of the homes and site will be conscious of privacy and community members agree to respect the privacy of fellow-members. Find out more about what would be shared in common.

Would I own my own home?

Yes, absolutely. The most common home ownership within cohousing communities is unit title. This means that community members own their own homes and a small area of land around it, as well as a share in the common land and facilities.

How big are the homes?

The homes will vary in size from 1 bed to 4 bedroom homes. The homes will be well designed to maximise space, and typical homes in a cohousing community are smaller than traditional homes due to the common community facilities.

Do you have land?

Not yet. We are currently investigating some options in the Cambridge area, with a preferred development size of 15-30 households on around 1-1.5ha of land.

How many homes in the community?

The ideal number is between 15 and 30 homes. Depending on land size, we are envisaging around 25.

Would I have to put up money?

We are working to secure a development partner that would fund the building of the community. This means we would buy the homes from the development partner and not have to individually put up equity beyond a standard deposit until the homes are ready. There are likely to be some costs shared between the community for professional advice during the project.

Can I rent?

Possibly. It is likely that there will be homes within the community available for rent. Renters will need to be be fully signed up members of the community and participate like all community members. 

How many people are involved?

As of August 2020 we have 13 households involved in the project. These range from families with young children to retirees. Find out how cohousing could work for you.

Can I bring my pets?

Potentially. The community is sympathetic to pets but is likely to want to restrict their numbers.

Would I have a garage?

All car parking will be on the periphery of the site, to allow peace, quiet and safety in the centre, and to encourage interaction. Car parking may be uncovered, covered, or possibly garaging, depending on the community requirements and budget.